Spasial Session 12 With Falls & Forests

Falls (Japan) and Forests (Singapore) kicked-off their South East Asia tour in a military warehouse turned creative space─ Spasial, Bandung on January 25, 2019. This tour is part of promoting Forests new album, Spending Eternity in A Japanese Convenience Store that released earlier this month. It is their second full album following the success of Sun Eat Moon Grave Party (2017) that gained positive feedback in Singapore.

The event starts at 7 PM, with Hulica, an emo unit from South Bandung hit the stage. They bring fresh material for their first upcoming EP due to release later this year. While on stage, Hulica made a surprise as Djodi (bass, vocal) call out Brian of Woodcabin, one of the oldest emo band in Bandung, to join them to sing a song.

Next, come Aillis, screamo group from Bandung with alluring yet powerful performance. The night got hotter when Gauth/Glare from Cimahi blast the stage with fast-paced music, explosive, and raw power vocal makes the spectators run wild. “Their energetic performance excites the crowd to get into the moshpit”, said Axel, one of the audiences.

As if not to be outdone, Falls also show of full energy and the crowds love them. I lost count on how many times they thank the audience for the great atmosphere, even the vocalist does bodysurf. The hype in Spasial peaked once Forests seen on stage. While have played in Indonesia before, it is their first showcase in Bandung. Their new album may not have been around for a long time, but it seems everybody sings along very well already.

Written and Photos by @ergapraw