The Taste of “Mangga”

KingMasmus, in collaboration with Irhan aka Magix Riddim, released his new single “Mangga” on 31 January 2019 under DoggyHouse Records. As a collaborator, Irhan aka Magix Riddim is previously known as the guitarist and vocalist of Heavy Monster, a Ska band from Surabaya.

Born in Kediri on 21 April, Musa Ali Khan aka KingMasmus has been living a vegan life where he doesn’t consume animals and its related products. Fruits are his favorite food and his source of inspirations. For most people, mangga (in English: mango) is just regular food. But for KingMasmus, it’s more than just a fruit. Choosing Dub Reggae as his form of musical expression, the song shares about an unlimited opportunity for a musical experiment, not only in the music genre but also in the theme and lyrics.

The song opens with a Tabla solo, which then continued with the KingMasmus vocal about the benefit of mango. The typical Dub sound bass mixed up beautifully with the reggae style guitar and a touch of a synthesizer in between the beat. It will make you want to get up and dance while you imagine the taste of mango.

Get the taste of Mangga - KingMasmus x Magix Riddim here: