Rhythm Rebels Goes To India

Sponsored by Antida Music Indonesia, Rhythm Rebels became the only Indonesia delegation at the Udaipur World Music Festival 2019. The festival was being held from 15 - 17 February 2019 in Udaipur, Ind

Skate, Booze & Rock ‘n Roll!

It was an EPIC night at the opening of the latest RMBL store, RMBL Shred, and the official launch of “Pedal On Fire” t-shirt, a collaboration by Dickies x RMBL.   Held o

The Taste of “Mangga”

KingMasmus, in collaboration with Irhan aka Magix Riddim, released his new single “Mangga” on 31 January 2019 under DoggyHouse Records. As a collaborator, Irhan aka Magix Riddim is previously know

Spasial Session 12 With Falls & Forests

Falls (Japan) and Forests (Singapore) kicked-off their South East Asia tour in a military warehouse turned creative space─ Spasial, Bandung on January 25, 2019. This tour is part of promoting Forest

NAKAL: The Naughty Spirit of St’ Loco

St’ Loco has dropped their latest single NAKAL! The new single NAKAL (Naluri Kualitas Akal) declares the band's everlasting spirit to keep producing hiprock/nu metal music for their fans.The departu

NK13 Custom War 2019: It’s A Wrap!

Once again NK13 Custom War 2019 event has successfully brought excitement to the motorbike custom culture. This 2-days event was being held from 11 – 12 January 2019 at Taman Festival Bali, Padang G

Main-Main at Studio Eksotika

Main-Main (in English: playing) was a live music performance by Rollfast with a series of an art exhibition by Kentaro Okawara and Kanoko Takaya from Japan. Presented by Rumah Dua Tiga, the event star

Roots Music Video Premiere Party - It’s Dubyouth Time!

Have you heard the latest single from Dubyouth Soundsystem, Roots?After 15 years, Dubyouth Soundsystem is finally released its first video clip and it was for their latest single, Roots, via DoggyHous

Summertime with Riz - Jerinx aka JRX

In this Summertime with Riz edition, Rizal Tandjung sat down with his childhood friend, Jerinx aka JRX at one of the latest JRX business, Bong Hostel, Nusa Lembongan.When we talk about JRX, it will ta

Rockin’ The Night With ASH at Hard Rock Café Bali

ASH Live in Concert was held on 24 November 2018 at Hard Rock Café Bali and it was flooded by the longtime fans of this North Ireland indie band.Originally from Downpatrick, North Ireland, the journe

Rockin’ The Soundrenaline 2018 The Soul of Expression

The biggest music and art festival in South East Asia, Soundrenaline 2018, has ended and all visitors have experienced best 2-days music festival so far. Held in Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park fro

Dubyouth Soundsystem Takes You Back To The “Roots”

Dubyouth Soundsystem has been known as one of the successful duos that like to blend various music elements into their own music. From reggae to dub, some ol’ skool jungle, hip-hop, ragga, house, an

Massive Party with BalidubClub “Massive Massive”

The massive tourists have arrived in Bali and it marks the start of summertime. It means spending massive time swimming, drinking, and partying in the Island of the Gods. On Friday, 27 July 2018, Bali

Playground Malaria House: The Night With The Stars - Fariz RM, Dian PP, and Lilo

“Wanting to be a musician or a superstar are two different things. There’s no wrong or right. You have to work to achieve them,” said Lilo. This time, Malaria House followed some of Indonesia's

Playground Malaria House - Indra Domdom “States” of Mind

Indra Gandhi, famously known as Domdom, is a professional skateboarder from Bandung, Indonesia, which also popular as hip-hop musician among the Bandung youth community. He started his music career by

Agnostic Front - Gracing The Stage at Gimme Shelter Bali

For the first time ever, the legendary punk hardcore band Agnostic Front from New York performed at Gimme Shelter Bali on Saturday, 4 May 2018, as part of their South East Asia 2018 Tour. Agnostic Fro

Something Irieginal at Summer Skank 420

Something irieginal happened on Friday, 20 April 2018, at Hidden Beach Bar, Berawa Beach, Bali. It was a night of celebration where people gathered together for skanking from roots and soul, dub to re

Malaria House Playground: “Iwa K 25 Year Anniversary Concert Batman Kasarung”

Iwa K has been known as the initiator of rap music in Indonesia. When others were into rock music, Iwa has been performing rap since the 80s. From the first solo album, Kuingin Kembali, to his 5th alb

Malaria House Playground: A Day With Rudolf Dethu

Rudolf Dethu is a writer, socio-political activist, and creative industry leader in Indonesia. Superman Is Dead and Navicula were his biggest achievements as band managers when they became one of the

Alam Racikan, The Latest Album From Matajiwa

After releasing Racikan Alam Raya single on 18 August 2017, Matajiwa presents their second album with the title “Alam Racikan”. With a touch of rock music, this album contents 8 track including Ra

Tantra Is Back To Bring You MANTRA

On Friday, 2 March 2018, Tantra Bali is back to bring their audiences Mantra at Moon Rabbit, Bali. With hypnotic visuals and transcendental installations, Tantra brought its audiences on a magical mys

2nd Edition of Singer - Songwriter At Fitzroy Jakarta

The second edition of Singer - Songwriter Session was held again on 22 February 2018 at Fitzroy Gastrobar. This time, Rudolf Dethu Showbiz featured Leanna Rachel, Rebecca Reijman, alongside with Mian

Amen To Rich Brian Debut Album

After long awaited, Rich Brian music video is released. The music video of the latest song, Cold, is part of his latest album, Amen. Released on 2 February 2018 and backed by 88rising, an Asian Manage

VIDEO IS OUT! Launch of Malaria House

We finally wrapped up Malaria House launching recap video! There were too many interesting and unique footages, we were overwhelmed! Which ones are we going to choose?But now, here is Malaria House vi

Blast To The Past With Dewa 19 At Soundelight

Soundelight 2018 kick started its music concert for 2018 at Eldorado Dome, Bandung. Dewa 19, Ari Lasso, and Agnez Mo were performing on this spectacular music concert titled “#Soundelight Love Resol

The Twice Bar Revival - Love Me Twice In Kuta Rock City

After months of hiatus, Twice Bar has finally opened for public by having Love Me Twice In Kuta Rock City event from February 9 - 10, 2018. Twice Bar, owned by Jerinx SID, has been famous as the home

Rocking Jakarta With Incubus Live in Concert 2018

Malaria House were so stoked to watch Incubus live in concert at Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, on February 7, 2018. With great lightning and performance, Incubus has succeeded on entertaining the J

Singer - Songwriter Session At Fitzroy Jakarta

On 18 January 2018, Fitzroy Gastrobar in a rock n’ roll collaboration with Rudolf Dethu Showbiz held a Singer - Songwriter Session night featuring Leanna Rachel, Rebecca Reijman, Sandhy Sondoro, and

Woman Series - Truedy Sabatini

How Life Is Good With Music - An Interview With Truedy SabatiniMalaria House had the opportunity to interview Truedy, one of Balinese based singer and pianist. Q: Hi Truedy, how are you? What are your

Tantra Bali Sign Out Party - A Distortion With Ican Harem

Sunday, January 14th, 2018, marked the signed out party of Tantra Bali with art & music showcase from Ican Harem collaborated with @PUXXXIMAXXX and @strikeshc.@advark_ made the opening of the even

Made J Birthday Bash

It was a birthday bash for Made J on the 5th of January at Gimme Shelter, Canggu, Bali! They had The Eastbay and Devildice, the side project of The Sneakers and Jrx from Superman is Dead, on the band

The Launch of Billabong X Iggy Pop Collection

On Saturday, January 12, 2018, Billabong launched their Billabong X Iggy Pop Collection at Gimme Shelter, Canggu, Bali. The Sigit enlivened the night with its rock n’ roll music.Billabong collaborat

For The Love of Music and Friendship - Shaggydog 20th Anniversary

Shaggydog was created on June 1, 1997, in Yogyakarta and now is well known as one of the biggest band in Indonesia. For 20 years, Shaggydog has been establishing their music and working along main rec

Breaking Bad - Serigala Malam Latest Single

Yogyakarta, 25 December 2017 - Serigala Malam, one of the hardcore band from Yogyakarta launched their latest single “Breaking Bad” on several online platform like YouTube, Soundcloud, and Bandcam

The Under Influences - The First & The Last

Malaria House has been invited to this event at Rumah Sanur that just launched the new "Teras Gandum Beer Garden" to witness the first and the last performance of The Under Influences. The Under Influ


Rizal and Shaggydog have been good friends for so long, especially with Heruwa, the vocalist.This time, Riz hangout and watch Shaggydog live performance at Pecatu Art & Music Festival, Padang-Pada

Something Wrong 20th Anniversary

Keep The Spirit Alive! Something Wrong 20th Years AnniversarySomething Wrong, one of the legendary hardcore band from Yogyakarta, celebrated its 20th years anniversary. Created in 1997, Something Wron

The Launch Of MalariaHouse.com

Malaria House has officially launched its Online Magazine on 12 December 2017 at Deus Ex Machina, Canggu, Bali. The launch of malariahouse.com was spawned with a collective of subcultur

Tonight! Get Ready for The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff At Old Man’s

Hear the drum rolls as Malaria House join the hype of the upcoming dj, the one and only, the Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff from The Fresh Prince of Bell Air at Old Man’s tonight, 9 November 2017.DJ Jazz

We Won’t Stop - An Interview With HMGNC

HMGNC, previously known as Homogenic, is one of the pop electronic band famous among the Indonesian indie music communities. Last time performed on Road to Soundrenaline 2017 in Bandung, HMGNC is now

BRAND NEW EYES New Single is Out Now: “Love Just To Hurt”

On October 2017, BRAND NEW EYES presented you their latest single “Love Just To Hurt”. A song that came with a new vibe compare to the band past works. Brand New Eyes was formed in 2012 and they h

MATAJIWA 6th Anniversary

Matajiwa 6th Anniversary #KeeptheMusicAlive Six is the energy. Six is the journey. Six is the luck of time being and all of the path that crossed. Six is the destiny. And six also is the demon

Metallica: The Long Awaited “Worldwired” Tour Has Finally Arrived in London

Metallica, a household name in the amazing world of heavy metal, has performed in London over two dozen times since its first performance on March 27, 1984. Now, the long awaited Worldwired Tour has f

Malaria House Is Off To Ubud This Weekend: Aya & Laras BTMDG on Ubud Writers Festival 2017

Aya & Laras is a musical duo of sisters under the name of BTMDG, an acronym for Batumadeg Village in Nusa Penida, where their father were born. Born in Denpasar, but grew up in Canada, Aya & L

malariahouse music - DDHEAR : Terang, berpijar harapan

DDHEAR is a collaboration between Dialog Dini Hari and Endah N Rhesa that started at Sanur Village Festival 2015. Video Live Recorded by Guswib, Gie Aria, and BTX Directed and Edited by Guswib.

Mike D DJ Set at Bestival 2017 Official Warm Up Party Bestival-licious party over the cliff

The legendary Beastie Boys, Mike D, warmed up the official pre-party Bestival 2017 on Friday, 29 September 2017, in conjunction with the soft opening series of Ulu Cliffhouse, Pecatu, Bali. Largely kn


SUNMANTRA is a live P.A duo from Jakarta Jonathan Pardede and Bernardus Fritz. A new electronic group from Jakarta from the the ultra cool SINJITOS RECORDS camp. A techno, acid influenced sound w

SORRY FOR PARTYING - Casual Dance #3

The 3rd Edition of CASUAL DANCE,Taking place at Taphouse beer garden.Fully loads with tons of talents in music, surprising moment, the plan was so simple, CASUAL DANCE want to present 3 talents which

Sorry For partying - Casual dance

Casual dance it's music form. Casual dance also can be a curated party by Sostenes 'Ones' Alfonsos.The second editions of Casual dance would like to present DJ / Musician who get in touch in music bet

Twilosaurus Music, skate, Art jakarta, 2017

Twilo skate corner X Senayan Skateboarder X Berita Angkasa Presents Twilosaurus Music, Skate, Art.Photo : Nareend

Matajiwa - Asia Mini Tour 2017

Perjalanan Jiwa: Asia Mini Tour 2017Matajiwa, duo Experience-Experiment-Expression yang diawaki Anda Perdana (guitar & vocal) dan Reza Achman (drumcussion & vocal), berencana menyinggahi dua n


Some recap of what we review on 2016.Music by playing for change - Higher Ground.

Catching Up with Rahtu Suargita

A day in the life of the Bali boys consists of rapping, surfing and having a hell of a good time. Rahtu randomly dropped by The Joglo and decided to spit some rhymes as Marlon and Ray prep up for a su

Backstage with Metallica Jakarta 2013

Throwback: Metallica concert in Jakarta 2013. During their South Asian tour the Malaria House boys hooked up with them in Bali for a surf before heading to Jakarta for the concert. MG


Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi of Senyawa, an Indonesian experimental duo whose unique approach to music has taken them to the world stage. source : VICE Indonesia

Senyawa Alam

Excursions around the city of Yogyakarta, exploring the beach of Watu karung up to Mount Merapi, is not be a problem for Heruwa & Erix Soekamti in order to get the best audio and visual!Video Cour

W Sound Suit

W Hotels Worldwide has opened the doors to the first of its planned private music studio and writer’s rooms for musicians on the go. The inaugural W Sound Suite at

A New Energy from Matajiwa

Matajiwa, an explosive folk duo from Jakarta, has released their single called “Now Nation” on 9th of September 2016. This song was released in their first album a

Soundrenalin 2016 : Louder Than Ever

Soundrenaline 2016: Louder Than Ever The biggest music festival in Indonesia, Soundrenaline, was held at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), on 3-4 September 2016. It

Shaggydog Goes SXSW, Austin, Texas 2016

Shaggydog, the band was established in Sayidan, Yogyakarta on the 1st of June 1997. With an increasingly evolving musicality and skill, they’ve shown that they are not only accepted by music lovers

WTF 2016

A couple of snippet's what went down on WTF 2016!Photos Crazna

XUF Pretty poison Art Show



PERJALANAN JIWA - Bali june 2016Matajiwa kerap melakukan tour PERJALANAN JIWA setidaknya 1 kali dalam kurung 1 tahun. Khususnya di pulau Bali.Tradisi perjalanan ini kerap dijalankan oleh matajiwa dari

American Valhalla : The Art of Post Pop Depression at French Paper Gallery, Paris

To celebrate Iggy Pop’s new album Post Pop Depression, French Paper Gallery presents American Valhalla: The Art of Post Pop Depression exhibition. It’s an exhibiti

Meet Indra

Gears Gears that i used, i used fruity loops, but back then many people said that is not a proper tools, then i start using another software that make me eventually gave up, because i have to start

The Velvet Underground - New York Extravaganza

From 30 March to 21 August 2016, the Philharmonie de Paris dedicated an exhibition to this legendary New York group, The Velvet Underground. An opportunit

SXSW ( South by Southwest ) Austin, 2016 - Music & Art

It's not just the classic or the major artist's album that are selling well on vinyl. Indie artists are also benefiting from the growth in record sales, with a 37% increase just in the last months of

National Music Day, Heruwa “Shaggydog” and Jerinx “SID” Release Cassette Format

Back in 10th December2015 Heruwa (Shaggydog) and Jerinx (Superman Is Dead) Officially release their collaboration single "Samiya" in digital format download. It can be downloaded in iTunes:h

NK 13 X Hurley | Custom War 2016 | Taman Budaya Kertalangu - Bali

A Short Film from GODSTOCK Bali, telling what you've been missing from NK 13 X Hurley | Custom War 2016 at Taman Budaya Kertalangu - BaliProduced by Godstock Bali

Shaggydog Goes SXSW 2016

Shaggydog, the band was established in Sayidan, Yogyakarta on the 1st of June 1997. With an increasingly evolving musicality and skill, they’ve shown that they are not only accepted by music lovers

Yacko Has Just Released Her Latest Single Called “THANG”

“THANG” is taken from the slang of the word “thing” and is part of the sentence “Do My Thing”. This song talks about someone’s right and freedom to become what she/he wants to be witho

Eat Spray Love

BaliStreetArt.com official launch party yesterday. The 13th of Feb 2016, the party takes place at Donkey Skatepark, and it feature Live Painting By Xuf, Magi ( Spain ), Tuyuloveme ( Jogjakar

The Evolution Of South by Southwest ( SXSW )

It's Known As One Of The World's Leading Music And Film Festivals. But How Did The Annual Event Grow To Such A Renowned Affair? Video Courtesy CELEBUZZ

Electrohell Heritage

Electrohell heritage has built in heritage tourism on the way veteran Denpasar Bali, Have the concept of that aligns with Voltvet eatery and coffee, namely the vintage. Moreover Electrohell have the c

Cultures Clashed With Modern Collaboration Between Heruwa “Shaggydog” and Jerinx “SID” Released Record - Samiya

Cultures clashed with modernisation, the sound of gamelan compete with discotheques, this is Bali, this is Jogja, this is the reflection of Indonesia's face today. Download the collaboration of Heruwa

Sorry For Partying

Photos Credit - Anom Sugiswoto

Jerinx (SID)

Jerinx is a super star.... He doesn't need no introduction. He is close to his fans and he shares personal stuff with us. He loves his people and we love him. Jerinx grew up in kuta with all

The Hydrant

Besides being a rockabilly pioneer in the country's youngster scene, The Hydrant may just be the largest of its genre in the archipelago. Formed since August 14, 2004

the sigit live at mandala krida

Malaria House presented The Sigit, Live at Mandala Krida! Check out the photos for more!

Meet & Greet and Signing Session for Grand Opening Hurley X Electrohell Shop in Shop Store

It was the first time for Hurley Indonesia as a brand that focused on surf-apparel to make collaboration with another clothing line which has specification

Michrophone For Youth

Sebuah show untuk merayakan dibukanya Hurley store yang kedua di Jakarta (Pondok Indah Mall) , bersama Sentimental Moods dan juga para Doggies, di Rolling Stone cafe Jakarta, 14 Maret 2014. Meriah!