MalariaHouse is thankful that we were born in a country named Indonesia, a tropical country where the sunshine shines throughout the year, the nature is exceptional, and the biodiversity is stunning. Located between continents, two oceans, and two plates, Indonesia is very dynamic country, both geographically, geologically and culturally. Many history sources had noted that there were various non-local cultures entering Indonesia from time to time, most of them were warmly welcomed by the natives; and throughout that process, thus ' hybridity ' , Something that never crossed anyone's mind before, was Arisen. For instance, in Dutch East Indies Era, a pioneering Indonesia painter, Raden Saleh, already discovered a new fashion style by combining Javanese style with Arabian, Chinese, and European elements in his daily outfit. But, on the other side, in today's age of information, we still also can find ' Originality ' from the little kids in Halmahera beach who surf the wave without ever seeing that activity in any image or video; in fact, they never even know what they're doing is a popular water sport known as Surfing.

MalariaHouse believes such practices are important examples to see Indonesia-how individuals from Sabang to Marauke have been, are and will always be exploring what they believe in, in their very own strength and limitation, how they deal with the-in-between position, as communities with strong cultural values, but also as part of International Society in the period of rapid globalization. Malariauhouseis trying to present this complexity, and we hope that it won't be just another reportage, but also can be an archiving activity that capture exploitations, experiments, and achievements made by individuals and communities in contemporary Indonesia nowadays.