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Mandiri ART|JOG|9 Celebrating the Achievements of Indonesian Art Together

Yogyakarta, 12 May 2016 – The Yogyakarta-based annual celebration of contemporary international art will open to the public from 27 May to 27 June 2016 at the Jogja National Museum (JNM). This is the ninth time the event has been held, and it has always attracted the attention of national and international audiences. Seventy one artists from Indonesia and overseas will display 94 works in an exhibition that this year takes the theme Universal Influence. 

Universal Influence: A Primary Concept 

Universal Influence departs from an understanding that global or universal culture is born through an accumulation of historical events. In addition, this universality also influences political, economic, social, cultural, defence and security, through to religious regimes. This year the annual event has entered its ninth iteration. The number nine is the highest figure in the basic numerical system. We have high expectations based on the accomplishments and achievements that have been made so far. 

In the art scene today contemporary Indonesian art has already attained an important position on an international scale. Art events today impact on social life in general and have become a new power in the world. This year Mandiri ART|JOG wants to celebrate and pay respect to these achievements, and at the same time, be a part of the strengths that contribute to the dynamics of Indonesian art. This year Mandiri ART|JOG|9 will translate the form of this power by constructing a landmark lighthouse at the exhibition site, the Jogja National Museum. 

The lighthouse is presented as a symbol of the universal influence of the creators, displaying artistic heights that represent their identity as artists. At the height this self-actualisation, artists, through their best work, will also influence the history that forms and is formed by them. 

In this spirit, Mandiri ART|JOG will be held this time at the Jogja National Museum, which was formerly, from 1957, the site of the Indonesian Arts Academy (ASRI). ASRI, according to its inaugural director RJ Katamsi, aspired to teach a new line of artists who were dynamic and creative, and who could truly contribute their souls and great talents to the interests of the struggle for our Archipelago and Nation. In accordance with RJ Katamsi’s statement, for this event Mandiri ART|JOG exhibits the work of artists who have shown consistency in their work and art, and who are involved in the development of art in Indonesia. 

Mandiri ART|JOG|9 Programs 

Mandiri ART|JOG|9 presents two main programs: The commissioned work, and the exhibition. 

Commissioned Work: Venzha Christiawan has been appointed as the commissioned artist, exhibiting a work titled ISSS-Indonesia Space Science Society. ISSS will make an antenna that can be mounted in a 36 metre high tower and a ‘group antenna’ mounted on top of a signal and frequency receiver. Thus, visitors will be able to hear, in real time, various sources of receivable sound and data. ISSS is a platform that opens up opportunities for anyone to create and share in the field of astronomy and space science. 

Exhibition: This year Mandiri ART|JOG has specifically invited participating artists. Not only from Indonesia, artists have also been invited from Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Philipine, and Liechtenstein. There are 6 types or categories in this exhibition: two-dimensional works, 3- dimensional works, installations, video art, site specific objects and performances, totalling 96 artworks. Among those there are artworks by Eko Nugroho, Agus Suwage, FX Harsono, Garin Nugroho, Nasirun, Titarubi and many others. 

It has become a custom for Mandiri ART|JOG to visually alter the façade of the exhibition building. Since successfully establishing this phenomenal landmark over the last eight years, this year, or more precisely the ninth year of this annual celebration of art, the founder and artistic director – Heri Pemad – has initiated a monument that will signal the Mandiri ART|JOG|9 site at the Jogja National Museum. This monument takes the form of a 36 metre high tower, complete with a beacon lamp that can reach up to 10 kilometres. This tower represents a lighthouse for the dissemination of comprehensive and global influence. The Lighthouse is accompanied by a kinetic installation in the form of an exhaust vent, 2.5 metres in diameter and 50 metres deep, which will become a tunnel to “draw in” the audience for this years celebration. 

Mandiri ART|JOG|9 also has several side programs for visitors, including a Curatorial Tour, and Meet the Artists. The ‘Curatorial Tour’ is an education program for the public, inviting visitors to accompany the curator and the Mandiri ART|JOG|9 artistic team to view works on display. ‘Meet The Artists’ is a forum for visitors who want to meet with participating artists, and exchange ideas and inspiration for artworks. 

A New Mechanism for Entering the Exhibition Space 

This year, all transactions at Mandiri ART|JOG|9 (entry tickets, merchandise and food) will be conducted using Mandiri E-money. Mandiri and ART|JOG9 have created an E-money card with a special limited edition design that can be purchased at the entry to Mandiri ART|JOG9. Visitors who already have a Mandiri E-money card can use their card for transactions. 

Photography : Eri Rama & Boristhemoris

By : Hamada Adzani 

By: Malariahouse | 27 June 2016