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Meet Remote

six question with Andrew Remote.

How long have you been skating?
19 years and still going 

Will you stop (re-skating) at some point?
No, Skateboarding make me healthy and stress relief, and from skateboarding i achieve what i dreamed.

What memorable moments that you got from skateboarding?
meeting new people's, and visits cities that i've never been to before. 

What project that you're on at the moment?
TV Commercial, Skate Consultant at Race Amplitude Park. 

Besides Skateboarding, what other things that you do on you'r free time?
Playing some musics, cook, fixing electronics machine 

What do you want to give back to skateboarding?
I want to make people try skateboarding, to see that it is a positive sport and it can make you feel youthfull.

Last words?
To start something we have to have NOON and PD a.k.a Niat Otak Otot Nyali dan Percaya Diri.

Texts and Photos by BTX

By: Malariahouse | 25 July 2016