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Meet Alfian

Last weekend we got to catch up with Alfian and have an afternoon talk with him.

Short story about Alfian Affandi B Juan'at
The name Alfian Affandi shouldn’t be all too unfamiliar with Flowboarding enthusiasts. And even if you were to discredit the amount of accolades the 32 year old has received over the six years since his move to the pro scene, the reputation Alfian has crafted for himself is enough to make any punters previously skeptical of his abilities eat their words.

But what he does for a living may just have its perks as he amounts a significant addition of his credentials to his full-time job as a Wave Manager. Calling Wave House Sentosa, Singapore, his second home, Alfian may have picked up Flowboarding on a whim, but was immediately hooked on how intricate the sport actually is. He aptly sums the sport as “whatever you can do on a surfboard, skateboard, or any other board sport, and doing it on the ride itself.” It sure takes a lot to master the art of Flowriding, but grasping it is just a part of the story.

A real natural in the water, Alfian drew eyeballs when he first greeted industry folks with a top placing at his inaugural competition appearance during the 2009 FLOW Championship in Singapore. He wasted no time in charging on bigger outings, and maintained his status at the 2010 FLOW Championship, 1st at the Flowrider Flowjam 2011, 2nd at the Flowrider Flowjam 2012. The list stretches on, with all manner of acclaim coming with it. 
While everyone anxiously waits for his next big move/win, you can be sure that Alfian is not done for sure. He hopes to be able to take the sport to new heights by travelling the world and promoting Flowboarding in years to come.

Produced by Malaria House.
Filmed & Edited by Chrisna
Additional Filmer Batax
Photos by Batax
Music by Craves - By my Side. (Majestic Colour)

By: Malariahouse | 01 August 2016