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Art Stage Jakarta 2016


Jakarta, 6 June 2016 – Art Stage Jakarta, Indonesia’s first premium art fair of international format, is set to welcome art collectors from all over the world to experience and witness the diverse and vibrant Indonesian art scene. The Fair will take place from 5 to 7 August 2016 at the Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel.

As Southeast Asia’s largest art scene and market, Indonesia is defined by its unique artists and a strong collecting culture led by the nation’s dedicated collectors. Art Stage Jakarta brings to international audiences the opportunity to gain an intimate insight into the rarefied world of Indonesian collectors and to discover exciting new works by both established and young Indonesian artists.

Art Stage Jakarta 2016 will present up to 50 galleries from Indonesia and beyond. In addition to the participation of all of Indonesia’s top galleries, the inaugural edition of Art Stage Jakarta 2016 will also include renowned international galleries from Asia and Europe. As the country’s exclusive boutique art fair, Art Stage Jakarta is strongly supported by the leading Indonesian collectors with their presence on the Art Stage Jakarta Board of Art Patrons and Board of Young Collectors. Indonesia’s key society leaders have also thrown their support behind the Fair as members of the Board of Friends. This show of support by the collectors is further reinforced by a curated museum-like exhibition of artworks to be presented at the Fair from the collection of six of Indonesia’s top collectors and members of the Fair’s Board of Art Patrons. With its quality gallery offerings, curated exhibition, talks and art parties, Art Stage Jakarta is the definitive art and social event of Indonesia.

“During Art Stage Jakarta 2016, the top collectors will be opening up their collections to our guests from around the world as well as lending works for a never-before-seen curated exhibition on Indonesian modern art. Art Stage Jakarta will be the international art world’s window to one of the region’s most exciting art destinations, juxtaposing the best of the Indonesia’s modern and contemporary art with that from Southeast Asia, greater Asia and the West,” says Mr Lorenzo Rudolf, Founder and President, Art Stage Jakarta.

Exhibitor List

Art Stage Jakarta 2016 will present leading international galleries such as Galerie Perrotin from Paris, Finale Art File from Manila, Gajah Gallery from Singapore, Mizuma Gallery from Tokyo, Pearl Lam Galleries from Hong Kong and Richard Koh Gallery and Wei-Ling Gallery from Kuala Lumpur. International galleries exhibiting at Art Stage Jakarta 2016 hail from Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain and Taiwan. (For the full list of international galleries, please refer to Annex A).

Among the artworks presented by the international galleries will be works by Jean- Michel Othoniel (Galerie Perrotin), Ashley Bickerton (Gajah Gallery), Antony Micallef (Pearl Lam Galleries) and Wong Chee Meng (Wei-Ling Gallery). FOST Gallery will be launching a new publication "From Bukit Larangan to Borobudur: Recent Drawings by Jimmy Ong, 2000-2016". (For more information about FOST’s publication, please refer to Annex E).

Up to 20 Indonesian galleries will be participating in Art Stage Jakarta 2016. Galleries include Nadi Gallery, presenting artists Agus Suwage, Eddie Hara and Heri Dono among others; Galeri Canna presenting I Nyoman Masriadi and Entang Wiharso; ROH Projects presenting Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi, Syagini Ratna Wulan and Bagus Pandega, among others; Semarang Gallery presenting Eko Nugroho, Lugas Syllabus, M. Irfan, among others; Andi’s Gallery presenting Antonio Blanco; Edwin’s Gallery presenting a solo show by Kemalezedine and Rachel Gallery presenting Yuli Prayinto, Eddy Susanto and Ivan Sagita, among others. (For the full list of Indonesian galleries, please refer to Annex A).

Indonesian Collectors and Society Leaders Stand Behind Art Stage Jakarta

The Art Stage Jakarta Board of Art Patrons is an exclusive gathering of Indonesia’s preeminent art collectors. The Board of Art Patrons is led by President Mr Deddy

Kusuma, a collector known for his abiding passion for Indonesian art and a vocal advocate for its internationalisation. The Board of Art Patrons also includes Mr Alex Tedja, one of Indonesia’s foremost collectors of Indonesian and international art and owner of the fair venue - Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel. Other art collecting luminaries on the Board, among others, include Dr Ir. Ciputra, renowned for his collection of Hendra Gunawan paintings; Mr Haryanto Adikoesoemo, founder of the soon-to-be-opened, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (MACAN) and Mrs Caecil Papadimitriou, who presides over an extensive legendary collection with impeccable provenance started by her late husband. The Board of Art Patrons demonstrates the firm support that Art Stage Jakarta is receiving from the established collector community of Indonesia. (For the full list of Board of Art Patron members, please refer to Annex B)

An Art Stage Jakarta Board of Young Collectors has also been formed to highlight the next generation of Indonesian art collectors. The President of the Board of Young Collectors is Mr Tom Tandio, noted for his tireless commitment to promoting contemporary Indonesian art and artists. The Board of Young collectors also includes Mr Wiyu Wahono, an active and dynamic collector of contemporary Indonesian art. (For the full list of Board of Young Collectors members, please refer to Annex C).

Indonesia’s key society leaders also stand behind Art Stage Jakarta. The Art Stage Jakarta Board of Friends is led by its President, Ms Maria Lukito and includes other prominent individuals such as Ms Dian Mulyadi. (For the full list of Board of Friends members, please refer to Annex D).

Special Exhibition

Drawn from the renowned private collections of six Indonesian collectors, this exhibition will be curated by Mr Enin Suprianto, one of Indonesia’s leading curators. The exhibition, spread over 600 square meters, will present to the public a first- hand look at Indonesia’s art masterpieces ranging from modern to contemporary. It will explore the diversity and richness of Indonesian art through the works of established as well as young Indonesian artists and examine the themes that they engage with.

Fair Venue

Art Stage Jakarta will be located at the Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel,

which is connected to Gandaria City shopping mall and is Jakarta’s elite hotel characterised by outstanding art on display from the private collection of Mr Alex Tedja. The hotel, together with the mall, exhibits artworks by major international artists such as Jean-Michel Othoniel from France, Robert Indiana from the USA, Yayoi Kusama from Japan, Fernando Botero from Colombia and Ju Ming from Taiwan, among others, as well as Indonesian artists such as Rudi Mantofani, Yunizar, Samsul Arifin, Redy Rahadian and Bayu Yuliansyah. With its excellent art collection, the Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel makes the perfect venue partner for Art Stage Jakarta.

Art Stage Jakarta, Indonesia’s premium boutique art fair will take place from 5 to 7 August 2016 at the Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel. For more information, please visit www.artstagejakarta.com.

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By: Malariahouse | 15 August 2016