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Speculative Entertainment No 1 by Hahan

Is there anything truly universal right now when a human conception about value influenced by many factors and layered dimensions ?  What is more valuable when all those factors and dimensions are stripped ? The answer then refers to “time”. I observe that all process, actions, opportunities, predictions, and human hope is cannot be separated from time. In this project “Speculative Entertainment No. 1” at ART JOG 9, I try to experiment with time to hack the visual art market, especially on the limited system of artwork collection. In a specific time, visitors of ART JOG can be a “universal collectors” with the same opportunities, hopes, and speculation like the real collectors usually have. My 7.5m x 2.6m painting divided into square lots with each size 10cm2 and for 1 lot only IDR. 100.000. People can buy 1 lot minimally and only 16 lots maximally. They only have to queue with number, and after their turn, they can directly choose lot(s) what they want to collect and pay it. Meanwhile they waiting on the luxury collector chair, the lot(s) is being cut, photos, signed by the artist, and certified by ART JOG Committee. At last, they can choose to bring their lot home, or consign to us with whatever price they want and we’ll sell it during exhibition time.


Source : Speculativeentertainment

By: Malariahouse | 29 August 2016