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People's Of The week - Ines Katamso

Ines Katamso: Natural Born Artist

Born in Yogyakarta, May 14, 1990, Ines Katamso, half-Indonesian, half-French,  growing up with artistic parents. Her father was musician and a batik artist who love to draw, and her mother was a tattoo artist. Surrounded by art, her creative sense blooms beautifully. She studied a Master of Arts and Design in Antibes, France, and the fashion in Marseille, France. She makes works such as product design, interior design, and mural. She had showed her personal artworks at several exhibitions, including “Blur” in Biasa Art Space, Jakarta, “Box of Horizons” in ICAD, Jakarta, and “Education is Gold” in Biasa Art Space, Bali. With the collection of her artworks, Ines Katamso is one of the finest Indonesian young artist, for sure.

“I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands.” – Louise Bourgeois

Photos by Boristhemoris

Text by Ekky Herinda



By: Malariahouse | 01 September 2016