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Vaporrave: A Spiritual Journey

Trying to bring up rave culture and trending  issues of Indonesian youth,  Ican Harem, 27 years old artist from Bali, arranged a fashion performance called Vaporrave. A fashion performance with a solid concept, good music, and wondrous-bizzare fashion. It was held at Jogjakarta Cultural Center as an opening for Jogjakarta Art Festival 2016, and it turned out very well.

Ican believes that rave culture is a part of his spiritual matter, and for him, Vaporrave is one of his spiritual journey, through an art performance. “The DJ is God,” he said. “In front of God, everybody is a dancer, doing the ritual, following the beats.” As a God, DJ ONES played the tunes good, and the dancers did some moves like some ritual, wear white-rad outfit. It was something.

All that aside, Ican Harem showed his fashion works in a perfect way. Awesome-rad design, with an acid-neon color style, performed in kinky kind of thing, with chains and everything. Obviously, Vaporrave brought up something new. New is good.

Video by Sketceria

Text by Ekky Herinda

By: Malariahouse | 05 September 2016