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A New Energy from Matajiwa

Matajiwa, an explosive folk duo from Jakarta, has released their single called “Now Nation” on 9th of September 2016. This song was released in their first album as a hidden track before. “Now Nation” telling us about how important the now generation to feel the positive vibes that happens around. “Now is the most important thing, because it will affects what happening later.” said And a, the vocalist, and here is the Lyrics


Good vibration here and now, tunning into a higher mind.

Good vibration feel it now, we are the nation of the now.

Feeling it up and down, this divine connection.

Feeling it up and down, this divine connection.

Feling it up and down, feeling it up and down.

Feeling it up, Feeling it up, Feeling it up... this god connection.



Close your eyes, and feel the energy.


Text By Ekky Herinda

By: Malariahouse | 02 October 2016