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Morning with Jane

Rylee Jane Haubrich, born in Canada and raise on a ski hill called Silver Star Mountain. Growing up in the environment like that, she always enjoyed snowboarding and doing rhythmic gymnastics. In 2009, she got an opportunity. She was selected to be on the national team. With the national team, she went to numerous international competitions and training camps in Belarus, Spain, Italy, and finally at the world championship in Japan. After she ended her career, she moved back home to graduate school and live a “normal” life.

Now, she currently living in Bali, always going on adventures, finding new activities, and meeting new people. She’s friendly, smart, and really really fun for sure. Living  a healthy lifestyle, she  still doing rhythmic gymnastic routine every morning. She likes chilling and spending time in the pool with her flamingo float. She gave the float a name, “Patricia”. That’s sweet. Then, she never forget to drinks a cup of coffee, and reading a book, to fits up the morning. The thing is, Jane is a super-enchanting person.

Text : Ekky Herinda

Photos : BTM

By: Malariahouse | 05 October 2016