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·       KUSTOMFEST 2016 is opened by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, the king of Yogyakarta

·       Presenting hundreds contestants in Custom Bike Show and Hot Rod & Custom Car Show and the legend of Indonesian Rock Music , GOD BLESS

·       Kebo Bule, American Traditional Old School Chopper featuring Cirebon pattern becomes the lucky draw of Kustom bike, created by Retro Classic Cycles

Yogyakarta, October 8, 2016 - KUSTOMFEST: Indonesian Kustom Kulture Festival is coming back again at Jogja Expo Center hall area, Yogyakarta, October 8 and 9, 2016. KUSTOMFEST annual festival will be an industry gathering of kustom kulture in Indonesia in order to show their best performances.

In this fifth year of the accomplishment, KUSTOMFEST will take a big theme “REBORN LEGEND!” that will be a reunion of the legends in advancing kustom creation in Indonesia.

“We have a great legacy of legends ranging from Sriwijaya and Majapahit Kingdoms like to Prambanan and Borobudur Temple. This kind of spirit can be our strengths in carrying theme “REBORN LEGEND” so that we can keep creating, trying, and fighting more until we bring forth a legend. And by the official statement of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, one of the epithet of Jogjakarta will increase to be the City of KUSTOMFEST,” said Lulut Wahyudi, the director of KUSTOMFEST.

Meanwhile, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X said in his speech that he highly appreciated the implementation of KUSTOMFEST 2016 for being the place for youth to be creative and innovative.

“ Jogja has a lot of legends and creative products. My view in KUSTOMFEST is the best place for young people with togetherness, creative, and hard working, staring the future with creativity. By this local creativity, we should be leading the world toward global to continue the spirit of the legends in the challenge today. KUSTOMFEST will be the motor of change in Indonesia,” said Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana X in the opening speech of KUSTOMFEST 2016 REBORN LEGEND, Saturday (8/10)>

KUSTOMFEST 2016 proved able to get the attention both local and international world as seen from the high occupancy rate of hotels in Yogyakarta before the event takes place. It brings a positive impact for local economy and it certainly needs the support of the role of government to make KUSTOMFEST remains the main tourism magnet.

From the competition, Custom bike show is followed by 109 contestants then Hot Rod & Custom Car Show is followed by 21 cars after passing a rigorous scrutinering process. All the contestants are certainly comes with high creativity because KUSTOMFEST 2016 is talking about innovation work, not looking for a lot of participants.

Meanwhile, the content of KUSTOMFEST 2016 event brought more varied and invites young creativity in work. Suryanation Motorland Café Racer Day as the main program will be a gathering and a special competition for the owners of Café Racer Motorcycle from all over Indonesia with international jury from Return of the Café Racers. Then, there will be held a talk show as well by presenting guest star Kaichiroh Kuroosi from Cherry’s Company Japan. In addition, Suryanation Motorland also provides free gift café racer motorcycle by joining the Show Your Pride Challenge from Golden Ticket for visitors and community.

Whereas, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) facilitating the Honda case mod contest champion 2016 in a special arena in KUSTOMFEST 2016 and held Honda Battle of the Dream. This class is specifically presented in Kustomfest for the modifier of Honda to show their best works with international class jury, Yaniv Evan from Powerplant Motorcycles.

And the Royal Enfield featuring all the new line up products also held the event that appreciates the Custom Culture Activists with Pinstripe Carnival and three custom motorcycles created by local builder. Later, there will be a local and international pinstripe collaboration that shows their skills in making a creation.  

Another special thing in KUSTOMFEST 2016 is Corvette Paradise then the presence of explorer motorized second farthest in Ride For Peace world, Jeffrey ‘JJ’ Polnaja with Eiger, Burnout Vaganza, Nusantara Team, Kustomfest 5th Annual Collaboration, Freeflow “Buzz Finger” Pinstriping Battle, Snickers Squad Graffiti, FUFME The Movie.

From the creative industries, artisans-local craftmen began apparel, clothing and other lifestyle needs is the main attraction with design and competitive quality. This is certainly part of the spirit of KUSTOMFEST in inviting all the custom culture actors to compete creating high quality product.

And as the appreciation to all of KUSTOMFEST 2016 visitors, Lucky Draw in the form of one unit custom bike show, special designed by Retro Classic Cycles named KEBO BULE, a chopper motorcycle with Cirebon theme will be raffled to the lucky one who have appreciated the works of the nation.

On Saturday night, the visitors of KUSTOMFEST 2016 will enjoy a special performance from the legendary tire Indonesia, GOD BLESS who consistently in the path of rock music for 43 years. This is the part of a theme that carried by KUSTOMFEST 2016, REBORN LEGEND.

Besides watching the parade of the nation in the art of vehicle design as well as industrial custom culture, the visitors also can test ride the latest bikes from Honda, Royal Enfields, and booths provider of spare parts such as tire, oil, and so on.

The rows of other events are also ready to give entertainment for all the visitors who were present in JEC, both indoor and outdoor areas, start from the parade of Custom Bike Show, Hot Rod & Custom Car Show, Custom Paint Battle, Custom Art & Classic Island, Vendor Booth, Body Art Show, BMX contest, Custom Bicycle & Pedal Car, Junkyard Festival, Diecast Show, Stunt Rider Show, Pinstripe Carnival, Helmet Custom Paint contest, Music Stage, Photo contest, Custom Culture Food fest.

As in previous years, KUSTOMFEST always gets the attention from the 
Custom International actors and also the international media.
This year will present Yaniv Evan from Powerplant Motorcycles,
Kaichiroh Kurosu - Cherry's Company, Yuichi Yoshizawa - Custom Works Zon,
Shige Suganuma - Mooneyes Inc.,
Hiro "Wildman" Ishii, The Nash, Boo Pinstriping,
Makoto, Jet Wrench, Rick Charnoski, Burnout Magazine,
Fuel Magazine, Tank Moto, Wild Magazine, Pipeburn,
Chopper Journal, Speedhunters.

Photos by Heruwa



By: Malariahouse | 18 October 2016