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Metallica Asian Tour

Singapore succeeded to close the Metallica Asian tour early this year. Rain and a cold air con did not deter the fans off this legendary band. 

In their 50+ age James, kirk, lars n robert still gave their best  performance. Thousands of metalhead in this country Being given their best for more than two hours.

In a special interview filled with beer and wine, Robert Trujillo said that the Singaporean audience were too stiff while enjoying their performance. They only enjoy the old song and don't react so much to their new songs. Even more there were so many strict rules that made the concert even more uncomfortable. He thinks it was totally different then a concert in Hong Kong where all the metalheads could really enjoy their performance.

But of course their concert in Jakarta three years ago definitely could not be compared to the concert in Shanghai Beijing and Hong Kong especially Singapore. Although The Indonesian fans seem to not memorize all the song lyrics but their reaction to the music while watching the concert was incredible and off the hook even the president of Indonesia, Joko widodo was there headbanging with thousands  of indonesian metalhead.

And of course we metalhead Indonesia will always be loyal in our waiting of Metallica to come back to our country with a warm smile and a warm hug.

Text by: Agan Harahap & Cheryl Marella

Photos by : Jason Reposar

By: Malariahouse | 26 January 2017