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grayson fletchers balinese birthday

  • eatsleepskatebaliand Love to see people go hard, smile, and have a good time!!! We've had a few good parties here but it took 12 years for us to hold one this good  #hunterthegatherer did a "Board Inspection" picked the shitiest board in the crowd and made a happy kid with a brand new complete setup many prizes were collected!! Hats, shirts and socks by electrohell2003 along with a few decks and wheels donated by globecabincanggu and motionsk8  thanks for support congrats to kaleneville for winning "The Longest Grind" with 29 feet  little jason_dennis_skate got "Trick of the Night" for going hard and pulling a perfect miller flip  chinskigram and #hunterthegatherer won some electrohell2003 gear for coming the closest to getting the "Boss's Line" consisting of 4 technical hits in a row in the shallow  we also gave a deck to "The Last Man Standing" and everyone is probably still sore from the heavy slams the screening of "Praise" by televisi_star was rad and a good little break to keep the pace, So good to have greyson_fletcher finally back here right on time for this party and his birthday and most of all a huge applause to the bands who set the place on fire  clonazepunxmoronbrosbalifickdichdarkenedthesneakers1234 and gardengrovebali thanks for making it happen!!! We'll do it again soon!

By: Malariahouse | 10 March 2017