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The Story of Grom ( Surf Trip To Aus )

This trip to the gold coast was very fun. I had so much fun surfing good waves, meeting good people and eating good food. I went to Australia for shooting and making videos with the hurley team. It was a small team but full of good surfers. Hurley invited grom from around the world. They invited Eli Hanneman from Hawaii, He is one of the best from surfers in the world and he is one of my best friends. There is Dean Vandewalle from Belgium. He is the funniest guy and he rips. There is Winter Vincent from Australia and he is a cool grom. There is also Bronson Meydi from Indonesia and he is like my brother pretty much. We also went training at the Hurley High Performance Centre in Australia and to train and make our surfing better. We did some warm ups and also went surfing. When we finish surfing we would watch back the footage with the coaches and they would tell us what to fix. This place is really good and definitely makes my surfing better. During my time there I had a lot of yummy food and snacks that I ate everyday. My favourite were the pies and the flavoured milks they have. When I was there we surfed at d-bah a lot. It was so much fun cause it had some fun wedges. I didn’t enjoy Snapper rocks that much because there were always 100 people in the water. I had a lot of when when I was there with all the awesome groms. I will miss the fun waves and my favourite pie. This was so fun and I would like to thank Hurley for letting me come on the trip. See ya next time Aus!

Text : Varun Tandjung

Photo : RIZ

By: Malariahouse | 20 March 2017