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Billabong Bloodlines Series - Bali 2017 #1


Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia - The rst of the three-part Billabong Bloodlines Series – Bali 2017 kicked o last Sunday, 16 July, at Halfway Kuta Beach. The day started slightly overcast, but came noon, the sun got out from behind the clouds and o shore winds brought in super fun and consistent waves to greet our enthusiastic grom- mets.

Before commencing the days’ worth of activities, as always, we o ciated the series by doing a 20minute beach clean-up with the grommets. As surfers, we are Guardians of the ocean; and the purpose of this activity is to en- sure that we continually educate our grommets on the importance of protecting the places we play.

First up on the competition front was the Push-in Division. And boy did those pint-sized shredders aged 10 and under pull out all the stops to further demonstrate that they are indeed the future of Indonesian sur ng. The 14 & Under Boys Division did not fall short either, displaying exemplary surf techniques from the hot bed of talent.

Before kicking o the Final rounds, we took a quick break for lunch provided by Made’s Warung, and hosted another 30minutes of fun games – from a gunny sack race, to a race to see who can put in the most balls into a basket – with our grommets.

In the nal rounds of the 14 & Under Division, it was a very close battle between I Made Deva, I Made Dera, Bron- son Meidy, and Varun Tandjung; with the former ultimately making it onto the podium with a 12.07 point nish. And over on the 16 & Under Girls Division, pristine surf conditions allowed all competitors to display an onslaught of big cutbacks and vertical top to bottom sur ng. Dhea Natasha took home the gold for the rst leg of the series, with Taina coming in a close second.

The Boys 16 & Under Final was the last heat of the day. Ketut Agus and Ryuki Waida from the Padma Boys Boardriders surfed amazingly throughout, but found it hard to get clean waves with the tricky beach break condi- tions. In the end, it was Dhany Widianto from Halfway Boardriders who impressed the judges most with his amaz- ing airs and power hacks. Another notable mention goes out to Tenshi Ishi, who also showed some great all-round power surfing. 

By: Malariahouse | 25 July 2017