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BALI, INDONESIA – Billabong is proud to announce today a second limited collection of Warhol Surf. This collaboration comes through Billabong LAB, a division of the company that supports artists, musicians, designers, photographers and surf icons, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, a non-pro t organisation recognised as one of the leading funders of contemporary art in the United States.

The original iconic collection has been revamped using the Warhol archives as inspiration. Polaroids, black and white photography, slides, sound recordings, silkscreen paintings and screen-prints showed the deep connection that Warhol had with the surf community.

“The second collection of Warhol x Billabong continues to disrupt and keep it fresh with insider references from his groundbreaking Exploding Plastic Inevitable Show to his beachside getaway in Montauk, NY,” said Michael Dayton Hermann, Director of Licensing, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. “Warhol passionately embraced surf culture and the Foundation is pleased to know that the love is mutual.”

“As we searched the archives and discovered more of Andy’s unique and unsighted work, it illustrated the connection between his work and surf culture,” says Billabong’s Global Creative Director Brad Lancaster. “With this second drop of Warhol x Billabong, we have brought these narratives and concepts to life again, colliding them with Billabong’s iconic take on boardshorts, bikinis and complimentary products.”

Initially Warhol’s Skull series provided an artistic springboard for the entire collection. The art series had vibrant colors reacting with the macabre image of a human skull. We took this skull motif a step further adding his signature bold black and white mod stripe through a cut and sew boardshort. This short is the focal piece in the collection. Elsewhere the artist’s bold black and white recreations of ads and iconic objects of his time have been referenced into a washed geometric yardage print boardshort.

Another exciting nd was a stash of colour lled transparencies from Exploding Plastic Inevitable (EPI). This was a series of light, colour and pattern projections by Warhol that would accompany live music from the Velvet Underground. In the slides Billabong LAB lit on a unique polka dot and stripe pattern, then super collided it with our iconic sunset fade. The result is a new look that newly refracts Warhol’s seminal light and sound work of the 1960s.

More inspiration was found in a collection of photographs featuring surfers, tropical vintage motels and beach scenes of the early surf era. Warhol had an eye for capturing details that have since become iconic in surf culture. We’ve celebrated that gift by printing the images on vintage washed cotton tees and created a unique neon fade palm yardage with our favorite Warhol photographs.

A discovery of a photo series of black and white palm trees also has become pivotal in the new collection. The ability of Warhol to make a chaotic yet deep connection with natural coastal elements ignited our designers’ imaginations. Billlabong LAB crafted a remix of ’80s washed pastels using the palm trees captured through Warhol’s eyes. Modern silhouettes were then reimagined using the black and white stripe that was his sartorial signature.

As a whole Warhol Surf is designed to tell those still relevant, but untold stories that the collaboration uncovered. By refreshing Warhol’s iconography of the early surf era, Billabong has taken another step in furthering the relationship between Warhol and the sur ng community to create a collection that re ects the sur ng and lifestyle we love. 

By: Malariahouse | 09 August 2017