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Women Series - Nicki Antognini

Introduce yourself :

Nicki Antognini, 28 year old Swiss Digital Media Manager. Born in the Italian part of Switzerland, I studied first design in the French speaking region of CH, then left the country to go study a Masters degree in Digital Media Management in Manchester UK and Sydney. I now currently live in Zurich and work mostly in the swiss mountains during winter.

what did you do on free time :

Freetime? Job is my hobby, it might sound cheesy but I love what I do and i’m lucky to be able to mix passion and work: photography, filming, organizing events, marketing strategies, media management… Everyday is different, challenging and interesting.

which one you prefer on your photos, colour or B/W

Hum. I would say colour most of the time but when there are more contrasts I prefer black and white :)

Landscape or portrait :

mostly action sport ( snowboarding ) Freeskiing and skateboarding. It's challenging as you have to be fast and often play with unplanned background.

Snowboarder ? :

yes, but I'm not a good snowboarder, i don't right park, just slope and hips.

Sponsor :

Billabong ambassador for this winter season for my work as a filmer / photographer.

Bali ?

Bali is wonderful: the food, the people, the weather (which is not too cold or warm). Everyday I’m amazed by something new. What I like mostly is maybe that chill and easy going lifestyle, which I’m not used to. I’m more of a hectic person and this simple life is very refreshing. Although I can’t wait to go back to work.

Photos by : Dennis Arthur

By: Malariahouse | 15 September 2017