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Metallica: The Long Awaited “Worldwired” Tour Has Finally Arrived in London

Metallica, a household name in the amazing world of heavy metal, has performed in London over two dozen times since its first performance on March 27, 1984. Now, the long awaited Worldwired Tour has finally arrived in London and it’s hardwired.

In honouring the legendary band, Malaria House has gathered 5 interesting facts about Metallica.

  • The band started out when James Hetfield saw and responded to Lars Ulrich’s ads in the Recycler. Lars was looking for people to jam with. Metallica then formed in October 1981.

  • The shortest song that Metallica made was “Motorbreath,” it was 3:08 minutes long.

  • The longest song they made was “Suicide & Redemption,” it was 9:57 minutes long.

  • The legendary band won 14 Grammy Awards.

  • Guess which song played the most in their 30 years performance? Master of Puppets played 1,256 times throughout the 30 years and more in years to come!

On their WorldWired concert, Metallica fueling the Londoners for two days, 22 and 24 October at The O2 with 18 songs from their latest album Hardwired…. To Self-Destruct, including some from Metallica, Kill ‘Em All, Master of Puppets, ….And Justice for All.

Malaria House presents cool photos from The Worldwired concert at The O2, taken by Jason Repozar. Check them out now!

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By: Malariahouse | 27 October 2017