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MATAJIWA 6th Anniversary

Matajiwa 6th Anniversary #KeeptheMusicAlive

Six is the energy. Six is the journey. Six is the luck of time being and all of the path that crossed. 

Six is the destiny. And six also is the demon’s sentimental. For Matajiwa six is everything. Matajiwa, Anda Perdana-Reza Achman reach the six number with an imagination; the aged that taken by sacred ritual connection on behalf of the art of nature cult. 

Their sounds, beauties, melody and muses are from the dark and bright side of a road life. There’s nothing to be combated with. Just feel it.

Matajiwa formed at October 11th in Jakarta six years ago through unique combination among a one acoustic guitar player who sings and a rhythmic drumcussion player. 

Matajiwa then doing a new stream that primitively re-definiton of blues contemplation and cohered rock & roll mentality. Their thrill is spiritual, warm character that Matajiwa has merrily shone by cried and laughter of life.

Their debut album named 1 has been released four years ago in two term; first part is on 11-12- 13 (December 11th 2013) while the second part is on June 2014 with a line of anesthetic songs such as “1”, “Semesta” and “INTI”. 

And there’s “Now Nation”, song that they released as a single before the debut came out. In the middle of this year, for the preparing of their sophomore album, Matajiwa launch “Racikan Alam Raya”, song that can be a milestone to where their music exploration is going. The album itself would be on planned at the end of this year.

On this October 11th 2017 they gonna have their 6th Anniversary. 

Matajiwa 6th Anniversary #keepthemusicalife a live streaming showcase and charity for mount Agung at Garden Groove – Denpasar, Bali. For the sake of watching their energiest voyage who has been reach the sixth years. During the event they also do a charity activity for the mountain Agung crisis refugee. People can come and bring some of their used stuff or maybe some food so later on you can drop it at the event for the charity.

By: Malariahouse | 28 October 2017