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Red Island Beach - An Alternative for Beginner Surfers?

Red Island beach, or Pulau Merah, is becoming famous as more and more beginner surfers looking up for more calmer beaches to practice their surfing skills. Kuta beach in Bali or Kuta beach in Lombok are two famously known beaches with breaks for beginners and long board surfers. But it’s been a long time people are longing for quieter beach to surf, a 1975 version of Kuta beach in this era of fast exchange tourist information through the internet.

Pulau Merah beach is located in the south part of Banyuwangi, a regency within the East Java province. It connects directly to the Indian Ocean, which created perfect breaks for long board & beginner surfers.

For you, Malaria House crowds, that have been wanting to learn how to surf, or looking for a quiet beach to practice your skills before you go to Canggu, Pulau Merah is your closest option from Bali.

How to get there:

Daily Public Bus: Mengwi Terminal - Banyuwangi/Jajag Terminal every hour

Where to stay:

Mojo Surf Camp Red Island

Pasanggaran Village

By: Malariahouse | 29 October 2017