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Malaria House presents the daily life of Rizal Tandjung. Be Inspired!

Famously known as the tall, thin, rubber-limbed goofyfooter surfer, Rizal Tandjung, or call him Riz, can easily be considered as the first Bali surfer to become a professional. In 1995, he gracefully captured the public eye by slotting himself deep inside an enormous silver-blue tube at Pipeline in Hawaii and made it to the cover of Surfing magazine. With his talent and professionalism, Riz gained an international reputation and transmitted the path for other Indonesian surfers who also live from surfing.

As his way of “giving back” to the island and country that he loves, Riz continue to supports Indonesian youth and inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Malaria House will share who is Riz on daily life and how he inspires the growing youth movements in Indonesia. Follow #RIZTVLOG and be inspired!


Don’t let your dream becomes just a dream.” – Rizal Tandjung

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By: Malariahouse | 30 October 2017