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BRAND NEW EYES New Single is Out Now: “Love Just To Hurt”

On October 2017, BRAND NEW EYES presented you their latest single “Love Just To Hurt”. A song that came with a new vibe compare to the band past works.

Brand New Eyes was formed in 2012 and they had one EP ‘Perspective’ with the single “Bangkit Dan Berlari” released in 2014. And later on 2015 another single “Bikin Malu Ibu” was released under the Universal Music record label. The journey of Brand New Eyes went on with significant changes such as going independent and acquiring new member, Boy, for vocal/bass/synth. .

Malaria House ended up listening to the latest single over and over again. This is something louder, but also something honest. Love Just To Hurt, check them out now!

Instagram: @bneofficial

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By: Malariahouse | 03 November 2017