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We Won’t Stop - An Interview With HMGNC

HMGNC, previously known as Homogenic, is one of the pop electronic band famous among the Indonesian indie music communities. Last time performed on Road to Soundrenaline 2017 in Bandung, HMGNC is now moving forward and Malaria House had a great opportunity to get an insight of this band.

1. Hi guys, how are you? Can you tell us about your new album?

Hi, we're good! We just launched our 5th album digitally on October 2017. We produced this album as a home-recording treatment. The home-recording treatment is our chosen method of creative process, which make us feel free to explore with the hefty collections of synthesizers, both modern and vintage ones. It’s our creative medium without boundaries while feeling calmly at home. As a result, this album has more an ‘analogue’ sounding compared with previous ones, along with more experimentation of sounds.

Almost every song in this album has gone through more than one production and reproduction process in order to shape the identity of this album, a new identity of HMGNC. This method has incarnated into many versions of arrangements until we picked the ones which can draw a red line between the repertoire of each tracks.

Among the songs is two different versions of our previous singles:Today and Forever, and Memories That Last a Dream, and one ‘fundamental’ version which is the early arrangements before it was reproduced into a more polished, upbeat version.

The mixing process is worked by Grahadea at his home studio, while the mastering is done by StarDelta Mastering (UK), which is well-known as the studio who worked with many UK’s electronic producers, notably from PMR Records to Hospital Records.

2. How do you see HMGNC evolves into who you are right now?  

Actually, HMGNC songs are evolving based on the player's life journey. Making songs are like crafting arts, build by mood and feelings. You don’t hide your feelings and conditions when you make art. Thus, the songs and lyrics in this album is truly who we are now. If we may say, more mature, yes, since we considerate every sounds and words in our songs to make it relevant to what we want to express.

3. As one of experience musician, how do you see the development of electronic pop in the future? What are the challenges?

In terms of electronic music, we may say that it developed very fast. Electronic musician is now fully supported by many choices of software and hardware. It’s easy for them to study electronic music production through YouTube. They can easily produce and distribute their music through many channels. Its an advantage for today's generation. Unlike when we were started HMGNC back in 2002 with many limitation and shortage.

However, instead of making an electronic band, many producers prefer to go solo/as a DJ. Well it’s good for them tho', they can get more margin ;)

4. What are you doing on your free time outside HMGNC? Do you do hobby or working on something?

We have job in different industries. Dina works as a lecturer in ITB, one of prominent university in Bandung. Grahadea works as a CEO in Kuassa, a software company. And Amandia, she's running an online shop. We balanced things.

Glad that despite all of the packed schedule, we still can produce an album ;)

5. So, what’s the next step for HMGNC in the future?

More music. More album. We won't stop.

By: Malariahouse | 07 November 2017