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HAREM TAKE OVER: Slave Party at KILN Bali

Malaria House witness Ican Harem taking over #KILNBali on Thursday, 9 November 2017. Harem Take Over: Slave Party was the first time ever a full takeover style collaboration between Kiln Bali and one of Indonesia’s most eclectic artists.

A fashion designer and artist based in Bali, Ican Harem’s work with the Tantra collective has gained him nationwide recognition, as one of the most eclectic, surreal and exciting artists of his time.⠀

The full-day performance included Ican creating bespoke pieces live, alongside Tantra collective and Zuyack's tech-house beats spinning late into the night. The crowds got their clothes customised with Ican’s touch, and dance until their feet fall off, on one of the most unreal events in Bali.

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By: Malariahouse | 13 November 2017