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A Journey Into The Soul - JIWA: Jakarta Biennale 2017

JIWA, in English means “soul”, is the Jakarta Biennale theme for 2017.

Jakarta Biennale is a biannual international contemporary art exhibition, that was initiated by the Jakarta Arts Council in 1974 as an Indonesians Great Painting Exhibition. Since 2009, Jakarta Biennale has expanded into international exhibition under independent organisation Jakarta Biennale Foundation. Presenting contemporary art from around the world, Jakarta Biennale also aims to promote Indonesian artists.

JIWA: Jakarta Biennale 2017 is taking place at Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, and in order to engage a broader audience, events and exhibitions are also being held at the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics and the Jakarta History Museum. Featuring 51 artists hailing from within and outside of Indonesia, you can see how the concept of “Jiwa” in forms of wide-ranging issues and inquiries is being presented into contemporary arts and culture. Jiwa can also be taken to mean a basic human impulse, togetherness, society, nature, or anything intangible and spiritual.

From 4 to 14 November 2017, everyone from every level of society were invited into this art celebration. Malaria House enjoyed it and we hope you too.

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By: Malariahouse | 17 November 2017