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Malaria House Women Series: Loucie

Q: Hello, how are you? It looks like you’re a big fan of Simon Sinek video about Milennials. Can you share with us your thoughts about what Simon said on the video?
A: Simon is a big inspiration for me because I think he is sharing a lot of true things about our society these days. He made me think about my life and my behaviour in terms of relationships, technology and consciousness with myself. I think it's important to reflect the problems our society to keep a healthy balance in your life and to live consciousness. You should always be aware in what kind of environment you are and how it does effect you. At the end it's all about the balance and calmness.

Q: Are you into healthy breakfast food or healthy food in general? Is that how you maintain your body shape?
A: I am totally a foodie. I would say food is my passion, especially unprocessed food. I believe in natural things and the healing power of it. I love it to try new recipe combination and to inspire my environment with it. I think it also helps you to feel the needs of your body and obviously to stay healthy and fit. I could talk about it for hours and try to teach myself everyday more about the effect of herbs and unprocessed food on our bodies. For me the main focus is health and with it my shape comes.

Q: You are into adventure travel. Are you an adrenaline junkie?
A: I am totally a travel junkie I want to see the world, to meet people and to learn from other cultures. I think this is the sense of life for me. I think thats the way my personality grows and the way I learn the most about me. Travel fills my soul and inspires me for my future life.

Q: What is the next exciting project that you are going to do?
A: I am planning my next to Israel and Italy next year. Can't wait to go on the next adventure.

By: Malariahouse | 24 November 2017