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Something Wrong 20th Anniversary

Keep The Spirit Alive! Something Wrong 20th Years Anniversary

Something Wrong, one of the legendary hardcore band from Yogyakarta, celebrated its 20th years anniversary. Created in 1997, Something Wrong music was all about powerful sound and vocal, with free movements and moshing mostly during their concert period. It’s the only hardcore band that is using Javanese language as their lyrics.

20 years has passed with albums released and change of personnel. At the beginning of their career, Something Wrong was Hendi, Sutik, Latu, and the late Karel. Now, Something Wrong is Hendi, Sutik, Kucing, Surya, with additional guitar Kimpling. 

Being together for so long has created understanding about each member character and how to synergize their characters in their music. Something Wrong also collaborated with other Yogyakarta based musician such as Shaggydog. The bigger hope is to create a new album and continue to keep the spirit of playing hardcore music alive. 

Happy 20th Years anniversary Something Wrong, Yogyakarta hardcore! Keep the spirit alive!

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By: Malariahouse | 18 December 2017