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The Under Influences - The First & The Last

Malaria House has been invited to this event at Rumah Sanur that just launched the new "Teras Gandum Beer Garden" to witness the first and the last performance of The Under Influences. The Under Influences is JRX (Vocalist / Guitar), Adi Hydrant (StandUp Bass / Back Vocals), Christ Hydrant (Drums / Back Vocals), Vincent Hydrant (Lead Guitar). 

"We made this just for fun. Back to the core of rock 'n roll with best friends and a lot of alcohol are just the best. It's been a long time that we have this kind of moments, so when we all have the time we embrace it," said Jerinx about The Under Influences project.

The Cat Rolls, Truedy, and DJ Iguund were performing too.

Check out the photo gallery for the complete scene.

Photo by @vastro

By: Malariahouse | 25 December 2017