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For The Love of Music and Friendship - Shaggydog 20th Anniversary

Shaggydog was created on June 1, 1997, in Yogyakarta and now is well known as one of the biggest band in Indonesia. For 20 years, Shaggydog has been establishing their music and working along main records label such as EMI and Aquarius, not only in Indonesia but also worldwide. 

On Shaggydog 20th anniversary, Malaria House has a great opportunity to interview Heruwa, the vocalist, about the Shaggydog journey and their future.

Q: Hi Mas Heruwa, congratulations on the 20 years anniversary of Shaggydog! It’s been a long journey! Can you share with us what was like at the beginning of the creation of Shaggydog? What was the Shaggydog dream?

A: We started as a small community in Sayidan, a riverside district, and some of us are high school friends in Jogja. It all started with the love of music and pure friendship. We don’t have any goals or whatsoever. What we’ve reached now is beyond our expectation. 

Q: How do you think Shaggydog has evolved so far? Do you think you reach your dreams already?

A: It’s kinda crazy to think about the journey we’ve been through, dreams are limitless.. 

But yes we’re quite happy about the band nowadays. Touring around Indonesia, Europe and the US, the albums, own a record label (Doggyhouse Records). Like I said before, it’s beyond expectation. 

Q: What is the challenge that Shaggydog see now and in the future?

A: Hmm.. I think the challenge now is how Shaggydog could help the independent music scene back in Yogyakarta. It’s time to give back to who’ve helped us along the way. 

Q: The music industry has changed a lot due to the development of technology. How Shaggydog adapt to the future?

A: I think we can deal with all these music industry changes. This is the benefit to be an independent band, you have your own ‘market and people’ with some great level of ‘die hard and militancy’. For example, people are asking if anyone still buy CDs? This month we re-printed our album, it’s the third printing on CD by demand.

Our record label, Doggyhouse Records, is also taking care of all that digital stores like iTunes, Spotify, etc. Even though it’s not like the 90’s where you can sell a thousand copies of your album, but yeah we can deal and hustle with all these so-called industry changes. 

But, live shows are still the main deal nowadays. I tell you, If you can’t give a good live show to the people today, you will not survive as a band.

Q: How do you see Shaggydog in the next 10 years?

A: Shaggydog is a ‘live band’, so I think the band will still hit the road for the next 10 years, and maybe some business too. Probably trade some bitcoins too hahaha! Yo thanks Malaria House, much love, and respect from Jogja city!

Shaggydog is Heruwa, Richard, Raymond, Bandizt, Lilik, and Yoyo.

Photo Cover by ykrumk 
Photo Doc by Awuy "doggyhouserecs"

By: Malariahouse | 27 December 2017