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Lake Toba: A Journey To The West

As one of the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia offers diverse culture that stretch from Sabang to Merauke. So many different cultures with beautiful landscape that will make you awe and realise that the beauty of Indonesia is not only in Bali, there are many more around the archipelago.

Malaria House takes you to a journey to the western part of Indonesia archipelago, the Sumatra island. Lake Toba, one of the biggest volcano lake in the world, is located in North Sumatra, the biggest western island in Indonesia. The Samosir Island is located right in the middle of the Lake Toba and it offers natural beauty from waterfall, the valleys, scenery view, and the lake itself.

We booked our ticket with Traveloka from Jakarta to Silangit, the nearest airport from Lake Toba.

Check out what we did during our stay there!

1. Stay at Samosir Villa Resort at Tuk Tuk Village

Tuk Tuk Village is the touristy area in Samosir Island. You may not want to stay in touristy area, but bear in mind that Lake Toba is not as developed as Bali, so all your needs might only available on Tuk Tuk.

Samosir Villa Resort is one of the accommodation with direct access to the lake. The boat from Parapat harbour will drop you at the pier and you literally can jump from the pier to swim at the lake.

2. Learn the Bataknese history at TB Silalahi Center

TB Silalahi Center is a museum that presents the history of Batak tribe. There are 6 Batak tribe, which are Batak Toba, Batak Karo, Batak Angkola, Batak Mandailing, Batak Simalungun, and Batak Pakpak. Don’t forget to stop by at the rooftop while you are there. You will be granted with a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Toba.

3. The life of Bataknese at Huta Siallagan

Huta Siallagan is one of the village owned by the Siallagan family, the first born of the Batak King. It’s the perfect village to start when you want to see how the life of Bataknese tribe at the beginning of the civilization and Rumah Bolon, the traditional Batak house.

The coolest thing we heard about Batak culture was the cannibalism history. A long time ago, criminals will be taken to the court and the King will decide his/her punishment based on the advise of the shaman. If the criminals found guilty, it considered as not human but animal, which means you can eat his/her meat. Savage, right?

But, rest your worry, it was a long long time ago, and the Bataknese don’t do that practice anymore since they became Christian.

After the explanation, you will be invited to dance with the family. It’s called Manortor dance with traditional sarong and accessories. It’s a fun way to end the visit!

4. How do they buried their ancestor at King Sidabutar tomb

The ancient Bataknese believe there are three part of the world, the underground world is hell, above the soil is the present, and the sky is heaven. Therefore, when they died, the body were buried above the ground, as close as it can with the heaven, and King Sidabutar tomb is one of the example.

5. Ride the banana boat by the lake

You’re not going to Lake Toba if you don’t try the banana boat. Malaria House decided to enjoy the lake by riding the banana boat and of course we ended the riding by swimming on the freshest water of the lake.

There are other activities such as jetski and kayaking. You are free to choose which one you like to enjoy your holiday!

6. Hike to Pusuk Buhit Mountain

Pusuk Buhit is a volcanic mountain, 1972 meters (6470 feet) above sea level and located on Samosir Island.It’s the best place to get a 360 view of Lake Toba. From Pusuk Buhit, you can continue to hike to Teletower at Pangururan regency, the best view to capture the beautiful Lake Toba and Samosir Island in one picture.

In the daytime, you will see clouds cover several areas of Lake Toba and by night you will see the town with the lights, below.

7. Visit the Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall

It’s not exploring Samosir Island if you don’t visit one of its famous waterfall. Hadabuan Naisogop waterfall is still very new among tourists because it is located between the hills. It’s a perfect place to relax away from the hustle of tourists. It’s like a therapy session, where you can release all of your stress by dipping into the freshwater or just enjoying the sound of the waterfall.

Bataknese is the second largest tribe in Indonesia after Javanese. So it’s interesting to experience their culture with the best scenery of Lake Toba.

By: Malariahouse | 07 January 2018