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Tantra Bali Sign Out Party - A Distortion With Ican Harem

Sunday, January 14th, 2018, marked the signed out party of Tantra Bali with art & music showcase from Ican Harem collaborated with @PUXXXIMAXXX and @strikeshc.

@advark_ made the opening of the event, followed by @UGLYBASTARD, @xracunkotax, and @MORBIDEDUCATION, highlighted the art scene of Harem studio at Tantra Bali. It’s an extreme mix of presenting punk rock gigs on dance scene at the same gigs, creating an EPIC distortion that matched with the art of Ican Harem. It’s all about smashing on mosh pit and then spinning your way to the dance floor with Detroit house music.

Photo by @iyytamukti

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By: Malariahouse | 17 January 2018