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Woman Series - Truedy Sabatini

How Life Is Good With Music - An Interview With Truedy Sabatini

Malaria House had the opportunity to interview Truedy, one of Balinese based singer and pianist.

Q: Hi Truedy, how are you? What are your activities right now?

Truedy: Hello, I'm good! Recently I started to write music, collecting ideas and spend a lot of my time in my music room and also taking some private music and vocal class since I've always been an autodidact.

Q: How do you describe yourself in in one sentence?

Truedy: Well, I was an unplanned baby, a badass with a soft heart, and I'm her who loves all.. when I'm in the mood haha! There I give you three!

Q: You were collaborating with DJ Saddam on 2016 for his single "Melody". Can you share with us how was your experience on the creation process? What was the challenge that you faced on collaborating with other musician?

Truedy: That was actually my first project that I've done via long distance since Saddam is in Jogjakarta, and I've never seen him before. He emailed my manager and ask me if I can sing on his song that he wrote for this girl name Melody as her birthday gifts and said yes. It was about fun for me.

Q: We saw your performance at The Orchard Bar & Restaurant. You were singing "This Precious Things", which was a very good performance on piano and voices. Can you share with us which musicians that influenced your music?

Truedy: "This Precious Things" is a song by Tori Amos, one of my inspirations. I like her personality and her style. This song means a lot for me, I think it’s one of the song that helped me through my hard time. It’s basically about a woman owning her own desire.

Q: Do you have plan to go on recording studio and release a single?

Truedy: Definitely. Hopefully I can release my single in the near future.

Q: Did you decide to become a 100% musician since your early years, like childhood time?

Truedy: Well, ever since I was a kid I knew that I love music and that’s what I want to do. My life is quite musical, my Dad is a guitar player. But since I didn't get enough support back then, I decided to leave my Dad's house after graduated from high school and moved to Bali to see my Mom, whom is a professional singer and started to learn from her, and I also learned to play piano from my Stepdad. That’s how I know that if I'm doing music my life is just good enough :)

Q: There are many young musicians in Bali, in Indonesia, and in the world, which means there's a big competition. Do you think musicians should support each other? And what kind of support that you think will give benefit for both sides?

Truedy: Of course we should support each other, but the main question is how. I don't think we should see music or any forms of arts as competitions, artist aren't that special. What makes them special is that they fill the space with some particular way that no one else can replace.
So I think maybe compete less and collaborate more, will give benefit for both sides, to communicate and to express feelings.

Thank you Truedy! And we look forward to enjoy your performance in the future!

Photo by - @vastro

By: Malariahouse | 19 January 2018