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The Perfect Wave of Lakey Peak, Sumbawa

Lakey Peak has been well known as one of the best surfing spot in the world. It has 4 different surf spots, it makes you feel like going on a one-stop-surfing place!

Lakey Peak is located in Sumbawa with the best weather for a year-round surf with waves from one foot all the way to ten foot. On small days, you will get 1 - 3 ft. It’s fun and rippleable, perfect for beginners. On great days, you will get that narrow heavy and big barrels up to 10 ft for more experience surfers.

Why does Malaria House call it one-stop-surfing spot? Lakey Peak has six different surf spots, which are:

  1. The Beachy, that have breaks in the lagoon with the big swells. It is more suitable for the less experienced surfer.

  1. Lakey Peak: an A frame peak. The right often delivers backdoor bowls, but gets extremely shallow at low tide. The left is reliable, hollow and highly surfable at low. On mid to high tide the left turns into a performance wave suitable for intermediates and hot doggers.

  1. Lakey Pipe is on the other side of The Peak, a popular wave amongst body boarders, and No Mans is suitable for the more extreme surfer.

  1. Periscopes: a fun right-hander wave at the eastern end of a long reef that sticks way out into the bay, Periscopes can offer a high, tight barrel over a relatively safe reef platform and a clean exit into a channel. A short paddle out. Better at high tides with glassy or north (offshore) winds. Blown out by dry season trades and holds only to about 8 ft.

  1. Nungas is the big left across from Periscopes. The wave breaks down into several sections of 50 metre or so under 8 ft, one or all may be surfable. But at 8 ft. the sections start to connect, offering rides of 200 metres or more with flat spots and full-on barrels all thrown into one ride. Best take-off spot is determined on an hourly basis. Can handle a crowd and swells as big as they come.

  1. Cobblestones is another popular wave within walking distance of the resort.

Lakey Peak village is a poor region, but as the village is becoming more and more famous as surf destinations, the economy is growing through homestays, resorts, and restaurants. Don’t forget to stop by at Fatmah, owned by the Lakey Peak local and serves delicious cheap food!

Check out Varun Tanjung at Lakey Peak!

How to reach Lakey Peak: There are flights from Bali to Bima and then continue with a 2 hour road trip to Lakey Peak. You can find your ticket with Traveloka.

Where to stay: You can find accommodation at Lakey Peak with Booking.com

By: Malariahouse | 21 February 2018