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Barcelonetta: A Memorable Trip To Barcelona

For many years, Barcelona has been famously known as the skateboarding Mecca. The city’s design provide lots of great skating spots and the police are generally much more tolerant of skaters than in other places in Europe.

Sanggoe Dharma and Brad Saunders paved their way to compete at the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Pro Open 2017. And Sanggoe Dharma was making history when he reached the top 7 semifinal as the youngest contestant, 15 years old, at the competition and also as the first ever Indonesian that has ever made it into Street League.

Follow Sanggoe and Brad checking out the streets of Barcelona on one of the most fun skate trip they have ever been, while making historical moment for Indonesian skateboarding on the international stage.

Filmed by Afandy with Additional filming by Aurelien Migaud, Sam Payen and Anthony Claravall.

Also Featuring Toby Lemke, Amelien Foures, Jt Saldou and Jerome Passament

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By: Malariahouse | 21 February 2018