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Tantra Is Back To Bring You MANTRA

On Friday, 2 March 2018, Tantra Bali is back to bring their audiences Mantra at Moon Rabbit, Bali. With hypnotic visuals and transcendental installations, Tantra brought its audiences on a magical mystical trip into a night of sonic delights and ocular sensation. It featured Manfredas x Tantra Familia DJs, such as Nvmbh x Adityuka, Kai and Doctoryez, Johny Grim, and RA, an internationally recognized DJ and Producer, and the name behind Lithuania’s leading edge-music scene.

On this event, Tantra Bali also held a fundraising for their good friend and talented artist Gentur Suria, who is currently being hospitalized, through Gentur Suria artworks. All profits go towards his treatment.

Photos by @arimendrofa

By: By: Malariahouse | 10 March 2018