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Malaria House Playground: A Day With Rudolf Dethu

Rudolf Dethu is a writer, socio-political activist, and creative industry leader in Indonesia. Superman Is Dead and Navicula were his biggest achievements as band managers when they became one of the nation’s biggest rock bands.

Rudolf Dethu is currently working on his two projects, MBB - Muda Berbuat Bertanggung Jawab, a pluralism forum due to his concern about religious fundamentalism that is getting stronger amongst Indonesian youth, and making a come back to the music business with Rudolf Dethu Showbiz, where he currently manages The Hydrant, Leonardo and His Impeccable Six, Negative Lovers, Rebecca Reijman, and Leanna Rachel. Other than that, he is also the Music Content Development of Rumah Sanur, one of the famous vibrant creative hub in Bali.

How is a day in the life of Rudolf Dethu? Check out Malaria House spent a day with Rudolf Dethu during the preparation of Singer Song Writer Session at Fitzroy Jakarta.

Filmed by Boristhemoris

By: Malariahouse | 27 March 2018