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Malaria House Playground: “Iwa K 25 Year Anniversary Concert Batman Kasarung”

Iwa K has been known as the initiator of rap music in Indonesia. When others were into rock music, Iwa has been performing rap since the 80s. From the first solo album, Kuingin Kembali, to his 5th album, Viny Vidy Vunky, Iwa K is the first Indonesian rapper to have released a full-length album with Kuingin Kembali in 1992 and also the best selling Indonesian rapper to date.

The 25th Anniversary Concert Batman Kasarung #IndonesianWithAttitude was held to celebrate Iwa K music career at The Pallas on Wednesday, 4 April 2018. From Saykoji, Ramengvrl, Yacko, Sweet Martabak, NEO, and Iwa K collaboration with Eno NTRL, Gading Marten and DJ Schizo, Iwa has shown that his music is able to adapt with the new generation.

Malaria House felt honoured to have backstage access to meet the legendary Iwa K himself and the other musicians. This playground “Iwa K  25th Anniversary Concert Batman Kasarung” is Malaria House special playground series to honour the inspiration that Iwa has brought beyond the generation.

Special thanks to Eno NTRL, Gading Marten, Saykoji, Ramengvrl, Yacko, and NEO. And also huge thank you to our crazy with attitude host, Ican Harem!

Video by @boristhemoris

By: Malariahouse | 18 April 2018