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Agnostic Front - Gracing The Stage at Gimme Shelter Bali

For the first time ever, the legendary punk hardcore band Agnostic Front from New York performed at Gimme Shelter Bali on Saturday, 4 May 2018, as part of their South East Asia 2018 Tour.

Agnostic Front is the pioneer of the crossover thrash genre. Formed in December 1980, the band started its aggression thru punk hardcore music in New York hardcore scheme and soon expanded their music composition with a crossover with the thrash metal.

They were originally planning to perform at Hammersonic 2012, the biggest South East Asia metal music festival in Jakarta, but was cancelled. Roger Mirret, Vinnie Stigma, Mike Gallo, Pokey Mo, Craig Silverman, and John Watson finally came to Indonesia and rocking the pit at Gimme Shelter. The local punk band such as The Dissland, Strikes, Geekssmile, and Lorong HC were performing as the opening band.

Gimme Shelter turned into a pit and it was jam-packed with a whole lotta smashing all night! And soon after Bali, Agnostic Front continue their journey to Jakarta before heading out to Thailand and Japan. Thanks for the EPIC performance guys!

By: Malariahouse | 09 May 2018