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Playground Malaria House - Indra Domdom “States” of Mind

Indra Gandhi, famously known as Domdom, is a professional skateboarder from Bandung, Indonesia, which also popular as hip-hop musician among the Bandung youth community.

He started his music career by producing digital electronic music including hip-hop on 2003, founded Rapologies with his two friends in 2008, and released singles that were included in the compilation album of BDG RAP DOC Volume 1 among the legendary hip-hop groups in Bandung.

Now, Domdom is going solo as MC for many events under the stage name “Gandhi”. In 2017,  he got a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a hip-hop workshop series in the United States and this is his story.

Directed by Boris The Moris

By: Malariahouse | 12 May 2018