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Enlightenment - The 11th ARTJOG Exhibition at Jogja National Museum

For more than 10 years, ARTJOG has been dedicating itself to build a local network and create a worldwide connection of visual arts communities through its annual art exhibition. This year, the annual 11th ARTJOG Exhibition started on 4 May 2018 and will be ended on 4 June 2018 at Jogja National Museum, the city of Yogyakarta, which has always been famous as one of the important centres of art in Indonesia.

This year, with the theme “Enlightenment”, the participants of the annual exhibition are varied between artists, art collectors, and gallery executives from Indonesia and all over the world. Some of the names highlighting this year’s exhibition are: Adam de Boer (USA), Ezzam Rahman (Singapore), Hiromi Tango (Australia), Kexin Zhang (China), Marcel Schwittlick (Germany), Ronald Ventura (Philippines), Bakudapan Food Story Group & Fajar Riyanto (Yogyakarta/Indonesia), Fajar Abadi (Bandung/Indonesia), Agung Tato Suryanto (Surabaya/Indonesia), and many more. They share all form of arts through various types of medium, from painting, graphics, photograph, installation, multi-dimension, sculpture, mechanic-kinetic, performance art, and more.

For the visitors, coming to ARTJOG is the perfect opportunity to observe the finest artworks from all over the globe. And also to visit the most notable attractions of ARTJOG, which is the transformation of the front yard of the venue. ARTJOG commissions an individual or a group of artists to makeover the front face of a building and/or the front yard, where the exhibition is held, and had never failed to attract the attention of its visitors.

A well-recommended way to learn and experience art. A chance to see how art imitates life and how esthetic is defined in many different ways. “We hope that more artists, both local and international, are able to showcase their best artworks, so our audience will be able to see how the art evolves through this exhibition.” Said Heri Pemad, Director of ARTJOG.

You can check the schedule of the exhibition here: http://artjog.co.id/list-agenda.php

Photo Courtesy of ARTJOG

By: Malariahouse | 21 May 2018