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Massive Party with BalidubClub “Massive Massive”

The massive tourists have arrived in Bali and it marks the start of summertime. It means spending massive time swimming, drinking, and partying in the Island of the Gods. On Friday, 27 July 2018, BalidubClub held Massive Massive Party at Hidden Beach Bar, Berawa Beach, to welcome the summertime. The 1st set was started with BlckRoots on sunset and people were already dancing. Under the summer night sky, the line up continued with BolsQ, YellaSky, Floop, Browroots, Generalrie, and closed by Funken.

BalidubClub is a music project initiated by Generalrie a.k.a Ririe Dread. Generalrie is not a new guy on the block. He has been in the music industry since 1997 where he was very influenced by the British Indie Rock/Pop on his early career. He started spinning in late of 2004 for the 1st time at the one of Underground Rock N Roll Pub called Parc in Jakarta on Tuesday Smoke Out. Sharing the deck with Hogi, Aditya, Kulki, and Gerhan. and then also drop a lot of tunes on Monday Mayhem, Thursday Riot, Saturday Nite Fever. On that year he was also managing one of the psychedelic Rock/Blues called Velvet Tounge. In 2006, he started an electronic music project with Kevin Katagawa called Digital Sunday, and then in late 2008, he joined the Blackhole Jakarta Underground as one of Music Director and the Selector. After that, in 2010, he organized a lot of gigs at the one of Reggae Bar in Jakarta called Equal Park.

Currently well known as the personal manager of one of the finest psychedelic rock band called Matajiwa “The eye of the soul”,  the creation of the BalidubClub project were intended to entertain everyone, despite their favorite music genre. And the party is not just to entertain visitors of Bali, but also to entertain the local community. “Not only visitors of the bar, but our friends, local musicians, are also present and enjoying the party,” said Generalrie.

The Massive Massive Party was the 1st event by BalidubClub. The plan is to hold the same type of party regularly around Bali. Check the video of last weekend hype!

Make sure you follow @balidubclub Instagram account to find more upcoming events.

Photos courtesy of MalariaHouse/@btxphoto

By: Malariahouse | 30 July 2018