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Dubyouth Soundsystem Takes You Back To The “Roots”

Dubyouth Soundsystem has been known as one of the successful duos that like to blend various music elements into their own music. From reggae to dub, some ol’ skool jungle, hip-hop, ragga, house, and much urban vibe, with some rude boy attitude, Dubyouth music always burn the dancefloor everywhere they go, from the small underground parties, the art exhibition opening ceremonies, to the big speakers in the clubs.

Based in Yogyakarta, Dubyouth Soundsystem was created in 2003 by Poppa Tee a.k.a Heruwa “Shaggydog” and DJ Metz. From the bedroom to the chart, that’s how Dubyouth created their first full album in 2012. Each song in that album was made with basic instruments and equipment, such as a laptop, software acid pro, and a groovebox. And the album was a solid sold out!

One of their single “Bomb Da Town” stayed on the number one radio indie chart. The song “Bombassu” is also famous where they collaborated with Jogja Hip Hop Foundation and used the Javanese language as the lyrics.

Dubyouth Soundsystem has rarely made live performances. The last one was at the launching of Malaria House in 2017. However, they have been going around the world to promote their music. In 2013, Dubyouth Soundsystem collaborated with an American producer, 6Blocc, who involved in the production process of Reincarnated, one of Snoop Dogg album, in a single “Basstruck” together with Lord K.I.M.O from Empire Dust and Asian Dub Foundation. Dubyouth also participated in the compilation album "Jogja Istimewa" in that same year. In 2015, together with Masia One, Dubyouth Soundsystem released “Bababoom” single, produced by DoggyHouse Records. That single became the material for the “10 Milli Remix Contest”, a contest to celebrate the anniversary of Dubyouth Soundsystem. In May 2016, Dubyouth Soundsystem also participated in Zushi Beach Film Festival in Japan.

This year, Dubyouth Soundsystem returns with their latest single “Roots”. Just like the rain of fire, their lyrics such as “And tell the people in the town cmon wake them up” is a wake-up call for all the music listeners that Dubyouth is back. With a new and fresh composition, this single is full of electronic music, which has always been the roots of Dubyouth, and it will “bring back the fire to dance again”.

This “royal sound of Ngayogyakarta”, produced by Heruwa Music, will make everyone who listens wants to dance away.

Single “Roots” is now available on:

iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunesRoots
Apple Music: http://bit.ly/RootsAppleMusic
Spotify: dubyouthroots

Photo courtesy of Dubyouth Soundsystem

By: Malariahouse | 15 August 2018