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The Rise of Skate - Jason Dennis

Participated in the skateboarding sport at Asian Games 2018, Jason Dennis presented silver medal to Indonesia. The 14-year-old skater went to final and competed with Kensuke Sasaoka from Japan and his fellow Indonesian, Pevi Permana Putra.

The Balinese based skater had fun time practicing for the biggest sports competition in Asia because he was doing what he likes with a more defined daily schedule. He was feeling weird to compete against his own friend, Kensuke Sasaoka, in the final. “Kensuke is my friend, we play and practice together. Kensuke plays crazily good! I should’ve been able to play well also, but I just put my best in the games. Thank God I achieve the second position.” Said Jason. Kensuke won with a total score of 76.00 while Jason’s total score was 68.33. “Maybe within 2 or 3 years, I will be able to achieve the gold medal.” Said Jason.

3 Indonesian skaters, Jason Dennis, Pevi Permana Putra, and Sanggoe Tanjung, were participating in this year’s Asian Games. With a big age gap, Pevi is 30 years old, while Jason and Sanggoe are 14 years old, the skaters gave their best performance at the competition and won medals for Indonesia.

With this achievement, skateboard sport becomes one of the strengths of Indonesian sport, nationally and internationally. We hope the government will support the development of skateboard sport and its community around Indonesia.

Get to know more about Jason Dennis through Malaria House Playground video!

Video & Photo by Malariahouse/@btxphoto

By: Malariahouse | 24 September 2018