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Session Interview With Rubianda

Rubianda or Rubi, 14th-year-old, is one of the latest skateboarders from Jakarta. This time, Malaria House interviewed Rubianda about his latest trip to Lombok Island, which happened at the same time with the earthquake hit the island on September 2018.

Coming from a family of musicians, people would expect Rubi to become a musician also. But, he chose to be a skater. “My parents are very supportive with my choice because they can see that I like skateboard so much!” Said Rubi.

Famously known as Cebong due to his young age, Rubi will continue to skate and dream. His wishes right now is to find new great spots, go on a skate trip somewhere, and maybe participate in a video part.

Check out Rubianda aka Cebong full interview in this video!

Video created by Malariahouse/@btxphoto

By: Malariahouse | 19 November 2018