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Rockin’ The Night With ASH at Hard Rock Café Bali

ASH Live in Concert was held on 24 November 2018 at Hard Rock Café Bali and it was flooded by the longtime fans of this North Ireland indie band.

Originally from Downpatrick, North Ireland, the journey begun by Tim Wheeler (vocalist/guitarist) and Mark Hamilton (bassist) where they created a band called “Vietnam” in 1989. They were just 12 years old, but their heavy metal band was quite popular in Downpatrick, County Down. Later on, in 1992, they recruited a 16-year-old Rick Murray as the drummer and changed their band name into ASH. The rock music world was moving toward the grunge era, and their inspiration came from Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Pixies, and the local legend Lazer Gun Nun. Their first single, “Jack Names The Planets”, was funded and released by a radio plugger from London, England, Stephen Taverner, under the label La La Land in 1994. The single was receiving positive feedback, especially by the number 1 DJ radio like John Peel, Steve Lamacq, and Mark Radcliffe.

On the same year, Korda Marshall, the ex-chief of A&R to RCA Records, created Infectious Records label and ASH was its first band under that label. ASH recorded and released 2 singles, “Petrol” and “Uncle Pat”, and those singles were the king of the UK indie songs at that time. Their 3rd single “Kung Fu” was inspired by the martial art legend Jackie Chan and the punk band Ramones, and ASH became one of the most popular indie band around the country.

In 1995, singles like “Girls From Mars” and “Angel Interceptor” were in the UK Top 20, and the single “Goldfinger” from their debut album “1977” made it into the Top 10. They recruited Charlotte Hatherley as their guitarist and move further by becoming the closing band of the Glastonbury Festival in 1997. They were also the leading band at Reading Festival, 2001. Along those years, they released Nu-Clear Sounds, 1998, that reached the Top 20, 6 singles from their 2nd album, Free All Angels, 2001, reached the Top 30. Singles like “Free All Angel” and “Shining Light” has successfully brought ASH to receive the Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song, while Burn Baby Burn was crowned as the Single of The Year by Q Magazine.

Their fourth album, “Meltdown”, released in 2004, has reached the Top 5 and they went to become the opening band for U2 World Tour. After releasing the “Twilight of The Innocents” album in 2007, ASH announced that they will not release album anymore but continue to create single through the digital platform. The A-Z Series was launched, which consisted of 26 singles in a year where each single is named after each alphabet and released every 2 weeks. Released under their own label, Atomic Hearts Records, in 2009, this breakthrough has received positive responses from their fans and other musicians.

The latest album, “Islands”, was released in May 2018 and it’s an album full of an emotional journey about life. This is the most interesting album during the 26 years of ASH music career with singles like “Buzzkill” and “Annabel”. Already held several concerts in Jakarta in 2001 and 2010, this was the first time for ASH to hold a concert in Bali.

Among many indie bands in Indonesia, the rumahsakit band was chosen as the opening band of ASH live in concert. Famously known as the indie pioneer in Jakarta, rumahsakit was created in 1994 and you still can hear some of their classic singles from 1998 like “Hilang” and “Pop Kinetik” being played in the radio until now. Their latest album “+imeless”, released in April 2015, was becoming the best 2015 album by CNN and Rolling Stone Indonesia.

“We feel honored to be chosen, from many bands in Indonesia, as the opening band of ASH live in concert. ASH is one of the biggest band that still very productive until now and we grew up with their songs.” Said Marky Nayoan from rumahsakit. “They give us the inspiration to keep creating music no matter what. And who knows, maybe one day, ASH will be the opening band for our concert,” Added Marky.

LAMC Productions as the promoter has been holding music concert in Singapore, both public and exclusive concert since 2001. Created by Lauretta Alabons and Ross Knudson, LAMC Productions portfolio includes famous concerts like Guns N ’Roses, Metallica, Muse, Lady Gaga, Scorpion, Iron Maiden, Justin Bieber, One Ok Rock, Def Leppard, Kodaline, Johnny Marr, Panik! At The Disco, Journey, Kasabian, Tears For Fears, The Prodigy, Dream Theater, Morrissey, New Order, etc.

Malaria House collaborated with LAMC Productions to giveaway concert tickets for those who can share their favorite singles from ASH and rumahsakit. Fadil, the winner, had the chance to join the Meet & Greet prior to the concert. “Thank you for the free pass. The concert was rocking and I had a great time!” Said Fadil.

ASH is Tim Wheeler, Mark Hamilton, and Rick McMurray.

Stream and buy their new album "Islands" CD/Vinyl/Download here: Ash.Ink.to/showsIN

Rumahsakit is Marky Nayoan, Mickey, Fadhly Wardhana, Sadam, and Arief Bakrie.

Listen to their new single "Apa Yang Tak Bisa" (acoustic version) HERE

Photos by Malariahouse/@btxphoto

By: Malariahouse | 28 November 2018