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How Do You Choose To Reveal Yourself?

Kinky Broke Art Exhibition was held on Saturday, 1 December 2018, at Lust&Lost Chill Bar, Canggu. An art exhibition with a twist where DJ Kasymin, Mairakilla, and NASTY were on the set all night! Vision by PlutoXi and Hysteria. 

Presenting artworks by Bunny_Broke and Hysteria, they brought their fascination. Although it seems weird, that is a wall isolated from the world. You will see them, shy but bold. “From which point on, you begin to be honest with your body and sincerely your own desires. Confessing those pleasures, anxieties, narcissism, dissatisfaction, admitting those cravings, anger, jealousy, and liberation.” It was an art exhibition where you are allowed to reveal your wildest self.

Photo by Malariahouse/@btxphoto

By: Malariahouse | 05 December 2018