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Summertime with Riz - Jerinx aka JRX

In this Summertime with Riz edition, Rizal Tandjung sat down with his childhood friend, Jerinx aka JRX at one of the latest JRX business, Bong Hostel, Nusa Lembongan.

When we talk about JRX, it will take us back to his iconic band, Superman Is Dead (SID). SID was formed in 1995 just when JRX finished his high school time. Together with Bobby Kool and Eka Rock, SID has become one of the biggest punk rock band in Indonesia. SID is the first punk rock band from Bali that signed a deal with major label Sony Music Indonesia and has won various awards from Anugerah Musik Indonesia (Indonesian music reward) Award like the Best New Artist in 2003, Best Punk Group in 2013, and Best Rock Group category in 2014. SID achievement became a milestone for the youth music scene in Bali and inspired many young musicians to pursue their dreams. Their albums are Kuta Rock City (2003), The Hangover Decade (2005), Black Market Love (2006), a special album The Early Years, Blood, Sweat and Tears in 2012, and Sunset Di Tanah Anarki (2013). The success of Angels and the Outsiders album in 2009 have brought SID as one of the line up of the Warped Tour Festival in the United States. SID was the only Indonesian band and the second band in Asia that became the line up of the Warped Tour Festival even though their albums were not being released in the United States.

Juggling up between his various businesses and playing music, JRX is also well known as a social activist that committed to addressing social and politic injustice in Bali and Indonesia. Check out his ongoing commitment for Bali Tolak Reklamasi, a movement with a single agenda, to push the Indonesian government to annulled the Benoa bay reclamation project, from his social media accounts.

Grew up like the most Balinese boys, JRX has made his way to become one of the most respectable musicians, social activists, and young entrepreneur with dedication in pursuing what he wanted. “Talk is cheap, that’s why you have to walk the talk,” said JRX.

In this video, you will get a glimpse of how JRX made his way to the top. Enjoy folks!

Video and photo by Malariahouse/@arimendrofa

By: Malariahouse | 22 December 2018